Why is our government protecting the mandatory religious oath in our Constitution for election to presidency?

Interesting thought from Dr. Martin (RC archbishop of Dublin) about the fact ‘that many Christians today lived “a sort of de-facto atheism”.

Their faith “remains personal and important for them, but it does not bring them to the point of public witness to the truth of Jesus’ life and message”.


So why are we continuing with maintaining the absolute requirement for the swearing of a religious oath during the installation of a president-elect [Article 12.8] and for the appointment of judges of the superior courts [Article 34.5.1]?

Government – why the collective silence on this issue? You know that the UN HRC as well as constitutional review reports have called for a parallel ‘affirmation’.

It is so easy to propose a Bill to enable another referendum this year to address this human rights issue at the same time as the 35th Amendment is taken.

Why are you continuing with this human rights abnegation? What are you protecting by refusing to act? The centenary of the 1916 Rising looms so time to do the right thing by the republic.