Update on Letters sent to (1) cabinet members and (2) various fath bodies

The formal letters we sent to (1) all cabinet members, (2) Oireachtas members and political parties and (3) various faith bodies back in February when CSCS was formed were an attempt to have the Presidential Age Referendum (35th Amendment; #AgeRef) dropped until the human rights abnegation contained in Article 12.8 was remedied.

At that stage the Bill moving the Age Referendum had not been introduced into the Oireachtas so it could have been pulled by the government. Remember that this amendment was not even in the Programme for government.

Needless to say we have received not a single reply from any government minister, Oireachtas member or faith body to our plea. Total silence.

Omerta rules! Ireland continues to make much about human rights issues abroad but is blinded by the motes in its own eyes.

The celebration of the centenary of Proclamation of the Republic takes place next year. A strange place.