Paddy Monahan Opinion piece in Irish Times 18-02-16

#‎PaddyMonahan‬ writing in an Opinion piece in yesterday’s Irish Times. He doesn’t think much of the three main parties attitude to the issues of (1) religion tests applied for admission and (2) separation of the periods of religious instruction from the secular subjects. The import of Article 44.2.4 is just not being addressed. Omerta rules!

The Social Democrats, Sinn Féin, People Before Profit and the Green Party all commit in their manifestos to ending religious discrimination in admissions to taxpayer-funded schools. Indeed, some parties aim to tackle the ostracising experienced during the school day by unbaptised children and children of the “wrong” religion.

Excellent parent-led voluntary groups like Education Equality have drawn attention to this problem and one obvious solution is to simply keep faith formation until the last class of the school day, thus facilitating parents in removing their children should they so wish.