Dick Spicer and son, Norman, withdraw legal action against State over move of NMH to SVUH campus

In a short statement issued last night Dick Spicer and son, Norman, point out there may be some issues of governance still to be resolved re the NMH and Vincents but our legal case has achieved all it could within the parameters of the Constitution, and these are substantial gains indeed.

The grounds on which our claim was drafted were the constitutional clauses dealing with endowment of religion and protection of the family.

The Sisters in removing themselves from involvement have brought matter into compliance with the ban on endowment, and the removal of canon law restrictions on medical practice in both hospitals has removed that conflict with the medical rights of the family.
Both of our grounds for legal action  therefore no longer exist, the aims of the action having been achieved we are happy not to have to proceed further.
Funds raised (a little over €1,000) have covered our costs to date and any left over after settlement will, as stated, be shortly donated to the Children’s Hospital. Thanks to all.
Dick & Norman