The Irish Times editorial (31 August 2018) on aftermath of Papal visit

The Irish Times lead editorial today about the aftermath of the recent papal visit.

“Pope Francis has returned to Rome after his brief visit to Ireland where he charmed with his humility and his plea for forgiveness over the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests and its cover-up by bishops. Yet, nothing has changed.

As the afterglow of that visit recedes, a Vatican emerges once more where things are as was. There, inadequate mechanisms for holding to account those prelates who cover up the abuse of children remain. This is unacceptable”.

“If the Catholic Church does not address accountability in a manner which ensures children are safe, then the international community should intervene to help it do so”.

One way would be for the United Nations to cease its recognition of The Holy See (The Vatican) as a state with a seat at the UN. This anomaly in the world order begs the question why no seat at the UN for the other major religions of the world?

Full coverage of speeches made during the visit are here: