Inequality in Primary Education: A Human Right of the Child Abnegation Lies at the Heart of the National School System in Ireland

Citizens to Separate Church & State was invited to address the public meeting about ‘Educating Ireland Equally’ held on Friday 12 February in TCD hosted by TCD Students Union.

Here is our address

: EducationInequality-v#2-TCDSU-12-02-16

Irish National Schools’ Trust presentation about true nature of our ‘National Schools’

The Irish National Schools’ Trust (INST) organisation has permitted us to reproduce its brief history of our ‘National School’ system on our web-site.

It comes as a Powerpoint presentation in two parts (PDF due to file size).IrishNationalSchoolsTrust-presenntation-#1 Irish National Schools’ Trust presentation#2

The full extent of the State’s involvement in concealment of the open-to-all origins of our schools is laid bare.